What is Roclord Studio?
Roclord is a fine art photographic studio, specializing in unconventional portraiture. While the majority of my work is with children, I love to photograph people of all ages. My goal is always to create something you’ve never seen before. Something you will be able to appreciate and enjoy for a very long time. I try to avoid trends. Trendiness by definition is merely imitation of something someone else came up with and will appear dated as soon as the next fad comes into vogue.

Fine Art?
Conceiving a personal vision and following through with the technical execution of that vision are what differentiate fine art from run of the mill portraits. Each portrait is unique. I don’t use predetermined formulas in my lighting or setups. Your photo session is designed specifically for you. You will not walk into your friend’s living room and see your Roclord portrait with their kids’ faces on it.

I don’t keep a frantic schedule. Especially in the case of young children, I try to photograph them when they are at their best, not when it is most convenient for me. I don’t hurry through a session to get in my next appointment. Your time here is all yours.

Indoors or Outdoors?
Either is available. Both can be great in different ways. Studio photography allows precise control over lighting and background while location shooting can be very spontaneous and will often lead to surprising and unique results.

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Pasadena, California
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