Terrible Threes

Whoever came up with that phrase The Terrible Twos, must never have had any kids of his own. I’ve found that two-year-old kids are a delight. Sweet, cooperative, adorable! I have two boys so I know this from first hand experience. Now three-year-olds on the other hand…yowch! Holy terrors. Especially three-year-old girls! In fact, when I know there’s a girl coming to my photography studio who happens to be 3-5 years old I have to have a Special Consultation with her mother. I’m no Freud but there’s something in the emotional development of a little girl that kicks in at about three where she takes a special pride in rejecting anything her mother tries to get her to do.

It goes something like this:

Mom (in a sweet, baby-like tone): Mary, don’t you want to put on this nice dress we picked out for you?

Mary: no!

Mom: But we talked about it yesterday and you said you liked it.

Mary: No!

Mom (her tone getting a little beggy): But you promised you’d wear it.

Mary: no, No NO. I HATE IT!! (breaks into tears-lasting a full 10 minutes)

SOLUTION (if your daughter falls into this category):

We pick out all her possible clothing choices ahead of time. You only bring things to the session that we like then let her pick. Whatever she chooses is great. Don’t argue with her. She knows this day is important to you. She will win! Don’t suggest anything at all for her to do or wear. Let me do all the suggesting.

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